Incorporation Timeline

Task Statute Time to Complete
Prepare Economic Feasibility Statement ORS 221.035 allow 90 days
Prepare boundary maps and legal description1 ORS 221.031(3) allow 60 days
ORS 221.040(2a)
Map and legal description approval n/a allow 90 days
Legal review of map and Petition to Incorporate n/a allow 14 days
Consult and confer with neighboring cities2 ORS 221.034(3) allow 120 days
Submit Petition to Incorporate for approval n/a one week prior to gathering signatures
Gather petition signatures3 ORS 221.031 allow 120 days
Land use findings (prepared by county) n/a allow 30 days
Submit signed petition to County Clerk n/a 14 days prior to beginning of notice period
Submit Economic Feasibility study to county n/a 14 days prior to beginning of notice period
Hearing date (set by county) n/a to be announced
Hearing notice (issued by county) ORS 221.040(1) minimum 45 days prior to hearing
Hearing and order sending petition to election n/a minimum 90 days prior to hearing
Election filing for City Council candidates4 ORS 221.050(1) between 70 and 100 days prior to election
ELECTION DAY n/a to be determined
Election validation and formation order ORS 221.050(1) within 30 days of election
City Council takes office ORS 221.050(5c) within 10 days of formation order

The formal and legal processes will take about 16 months to complete. To be placed on the November 2012 ballot, the incorporation process would need to begin in July 2011.

1Documents will be prepared by the County Surveyor or County Assessor.
2Applies to cities that are within three miles of the area proposed for incorporation.
3Signatures must be gathered within six months of the date of filing.
4Five Council members are to be elected. The Council will elect one of the members as mayor.

Full text of ORS Chapter 221: Organization and Government of Cities.